YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos

These are some YouTube videos of the Acts of Music team creating their music. Although not recorded in a studio setting, these should provide you an idea of what sort of music it is we create. Tom Kopchak on piano and Russell Uhl on violin.

Please be patient, as the videos can sometimes take a few moments to appear.

Track Title Length
1 Organ and Piano 6:44
2 Improv 1 6:24
3 Improv 2 6:53
4 Improv 3 7:39
5 Improv 4 7:41
6 Pachelbel Improv 8:57
7 Acts of Music: Live! 4:48


Below are some unedited, non-studio-recorded videos of Tom and Russell creating their music. These can provide you an idea of what sort of music the Acts of Music team is all about.

Organ and Piano:

This is one of our surprisingly few improvs of the violin coupled with the organ. They are so rare, in fact, that this may be the only recording available of the Acts of Music team on those instruments.

Improv 1:

This is one of our improvs, not based upon any theme or style.

Improv 2:

Another free improv. No theme, no style, simply music.

Improv 3:

More of your favorite improv!

Improv 4:

The fourth installment of our "usual" style of music. No special instruments, no particular style in mind.

Pachabel Improv

One of our more recognizable improv sessions, this rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D took place during the Christmas season. When we ran out of the written music, we simply kept on playing.

Random Acts of Music: Live!

This is a fanfare-like improv we played at the ImagineRIT event. We were fortunate to not only be outside, but to be right by a welcome booth, where there were lots of people. Judging by the shadows, it was about noon when this was taken - which means we had already been playing for 3 hours, mostly continuously.