"Down by the River": our first official music video! To watch, and to find out more news regarding Acts of Music, click the image to the left.

Russell Uhl is a violinist brought up in Annville Pennsylvania. Raised by a musical family, he was introduced to the Kindermusic program as early as 18 months.

Now, years later, Russell is the violinist for Acts of Music. Based out of Rochester, he continues to engage in music whenever possible. He has experience in various orchestras, including the Hershey Symphony, as well as multiple other small groups.

Tom Kopchak is a pianist from Ohio. His musical journey begain at the age of 8 by studying piano, and then later became a student musician at St. Albert the Great Church in North Royalton, Ohio.

Over the years, Tom has been involved with many aspects of the music-making process, including performer, director, and even composer. He is in the process of writing several liturgical hymns, a complete Mass setting, and a special hymn titled "Together We Are One", a song inspired by the challenges faced by Catholic youth in an ever-growing secular world.


Welcome to Acts of Music! We are a break from your everyday style of listening. We combine the improvisational aspects of Jazz with the natural acoustic sounds of the violin and piano, then finally add a dash of classical training. The resulting mixture is a fully improvised bounty of relaxation and contemplation.

Acts of Music is a great way to unwind after a long day. Whether you are in need of a glass of wine accompany your evening, or are just waking up and need to start your day, Acts of Music is a great addition. With a variety of styles, themes, keys, and tones, Acts of Music will be sure to place you at ease, relaxing your mind, body, and spirit.

Where Can I Listen?

You can find our music in a number of locations. Our latest disk, a Christmas album titled Midnight Reflections, can be found on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby. Our flagship disk, Random Acts of Music, is also available at all three locations (Amazon link here). Additionally, we also have a number of youtube videos available for streaming, which can be found here. Finally, we occasionally upload audio-only links for our fans. You can find the latest in the News.

Anything Else?

We at Acts of Music hope you enjoy our sound. If you would like to contact Acts of Music, you can email us at Acts.Of.Music@gmail.com. We are available for gigs, such as weddings, background music at a party, etc. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.