We've done it! After many months of editing, tweaking, a last minute audio change, and a few rendering errors, Acts of Music has finally released their very first official music video! Titled "Down by the River", this tune incorporates several stylings from the Danny Boy-era of music. Sure to relax even the most frustrated of viewers, "Down by the River" is a truly soothing piece that we hope you enjoy.

In other news, we had a great time seeing everyone at Rochester Institute of Technology's ImagineRIT event this year. Our event, "Acts of Music: Live! - More Notes than Bricks" seemed to be quite popular. As some of you know, we were actually able to count the number of piano notes played (by Tom Kopchak) during the 8-hour event. That final total? 171,171 notes! Not quite more notes than bricks, but to be fair, that isn't including the violin (Russell Uhl), the guess cellist (Christopher Mraz), the guest trumpeter (Oliver Haynes), or the guest trio of ukuleles. We WERE able to record the event, so we'll be posting the music as it becomes available. Additionally, we got some rather nice pictures, courtesy of Jessica Cooper. They aren't on the site yet, but you can check out the album on our Facebook account (link below).

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Acts of Music is working on a music video! Hopefully you've seen several of our Youtube videos before, but this time we're doing something more. Whereas our existing videos have only the single angle, we were able to get time in a private recording studio and record from 5 different angles. This will be our first official video, and we very much hope you'll enjoy it. We'll keep you updated on its progress, but for now, here's a screenshot of the editing process!



Acts of Music's website turned 1 year old last week! In celebration, we would like to offer you some new music for free download. As you may know, we had a concert several weeks back. We have obtained a copy of the CD produced, and are now passing our performance tracks onto you! There are two tracks available. The first is a more contemplative piece, while the second is a much more upbeat tune.

Recordings provided by Steve Kohler with the facilities of AMP Recording & Duplicating Service.

Track 1: mp3, wav, or video
Track 2: mp3, wav, or video



Well, it's almost Christmas, and the Acts of Music team is ready to provide you our own take on some of your favorite tunes. We have a new CD coming out soon, titled Midnight Reflections: A Christmas Improv. We are really quite excited to be bringing you more of our improvisation, but also about other events as well. For now, just keep in mind our live concert in Rochester, NY, this coming April/May (date not yet known). We will be at the Rochester Institute of Technology for their ImagineRIT event, playing outside all day for your enjoyment. There are some other exciting tidbits coming up as well, but you'll have to wait for after our Christmas disk release. As always, you can find the latest at our Facebook Page.